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Beverly Teague, Student

I wanted to share with you what a difference the classes have made for me. Each day, I look forward to going home to practice. I have started working out again and am very excited about getting back into shape. This week, I started noticing a difference in the shape of my legs. You are such a wonderful teacher - I would recommend you to anyone interested in taking ballet.

Plano, TX
August 6, 2008

Jessica Yang, Parent

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the quality ballet lessons Ms. Ross has been providing. Ms. Ross is very professional and has strong passion for ballet and very serious about teaching. My daughter, Jessie Wu, enjoys the ballet class very much and has learned so much from Ms. Ross during this past year. I would recommend Ms. Ross to any parents who are interested in signing up their daughters for ballet.

Plano, TX
May 6, 2008

Courtney Monnette, Parent

I just wanted to send you a copy of the program from The Nutcracker that the Alabama Ballet did this month. Madison was a soldier and loved dancing in the production. Her enjoyment of dance and her ability to get a part is due to the instruction that she received from you. She is dancing in the school ( and doing well. Working hard and learning lots of new things but she still comes home and says that she used something that you taught her. So often teachers do not get rewards and/or praise and I just wanted you to know that you made a difference and she is doing well.

Wendy Shinay, Parent

I would like to share with you the qualities that Donna brings to the classroom... the passion she brings to the classroom. She is constantly teaching more than steps and combinations - she teaches ballet from a multidisciplinary perspective- through her broad and articulate knowledge of the arts and humanities, she is able to engage her students with information about the composers, the cultures, the history of dance, and the richness of the art form, all within the time span of a regular class period. She does this while giving each dancer honest feedback and motivation, always encouraging him/her to strive for excellence.

When my daughter first went up on pointe. Donna instilled in her such a high level of confidence that she was doing bourrees across the floor the second night of pointe class. Under Donna's watchful eye, my Brittany became passionate about being the best dancer that she could be, and at the young age of 12 (even by Draper standards) she was moved into the professional division. I think Tim himself was somewhat astonished at her meteoric rise within the studio and I know that Donna was very pivotal to this happening.

Rochester, NY
December 27, 2003

Peter Diggins, General Administrator, The Joffrey Ballet

During her period with us, Miss Ross distinguished herself in a wide variety of ballets. She worked under the direction of Gerald Arpino, Merle Park, Stuart Sebastian, Celia Franca, Anna Markard, Vernon Lusby, Michael Somes and Brian Shaw.

New York, NY
December 5, 1978

Robert Joffrey, Artistic Director, The Joffrey Ballet

This letter is to recommend Donna Ross, a former member of the Joffrey Ballet.

Donna's range proved wide enough to encompass works by choreographers as diverse as Arpino and de Mille, Ashton, Tudor, and Araiz. She danced prominent roles in such ballets as Kettentanz, The Dream, Facade, and Rodeo, and also in our sole 19th century ballet at that time, La Vivandiere Pas de Six. She was a fine dancer for the Joffrey, thoughtful and conscientious about her work, and strong.

I do not hesitate to recommend this versatile, technically well rounded dancer to you.

New York, NY
March 24, 1983